Maize Production India 2017 18

Maize production in India 2017-18 witnessed a remarkable surge in maize production in India, showcasing the nation’s agricultural prowess. Indian farmers, fueled by their passion and determination, embraced cutting-edge technologies and modern farming practices to achieve outstanding yields. The favorable climatic conditions across different regions played a vital role in supporting maize cultivation. Additionally, the widespread adoption of high-yielding hybrid seeds, coupled with efficient irrigation systems, significantly contributed to the bountiful harvest. The government’s unwavering commitment to agricultural development, through initiatives like subsidized fertilizers and access to credit facilities, further propelled maize production. The burgeoning demand from diverse sectors, such as animal feed, starch, and ethanol production, served as a driving force behind the increased cultivation. This surge in maize production not only strengthened food security but also created economic opportunities for farmers. It stands as a testament to the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of Indian farmers, setting a benchmark for sustainable agriculture and inspiring future endeavours in the field.

Maize Production in India State-wise for 2017-18 year

Production(000 Tonnes)

Source: Ministry of Agriculture

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