Maize Top Single Cross

Forty-five direct single crosses were evaluated in complete randomized block design at two locations for their and some prime yield components in maize viz., 100kernel weight, ear length, ear girth, number of rows per ear and number of seeds per row. Yields of possible 630 double crosses and 360 three-way crosses as per the ‘B’ method of Jenkins (1934) were predicted. For the prediction of double crosses the code numbers described by Jugenheimer( 1976) was utilized, while for the prediction of three-way crosses, a new code similar to the code of Jugenhaimer ( 1976) was proposed and given in annexure-I.

The top ten single, double and three-way crosses were identified and their mean yield and prime yield components in maize were compared. It is apparent that there was a similarity in mean yield and prime yield components between the top ten single crosses with that of the top ten double and three-way crosses since these top single crosses involved in non-parental combination.

As the maize yield and prime yield components of top single crosses are very important and useful in producing top double and three-way crosses, therefore the breeder is advised to take utmost care in identifying superior single crosses through a critical evaluation before entering into the actual making of top double and three-way crosses.

E.Satyanarayana, R.Saikumar ,M.S.S. Reddy, G.K.Rao, N.J.M Rao &K.Annuradha

Maize Research Station, Amberpet, Hyderabad-500013 (A.P.) India.

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