Fresh Produce Sweet Corn Cob (Unpeeled) – 1Pc (250g -350g) Price: 13.00 (as of 10/01/2023 19:50 PST- Details)



Sweet Corn Cob is wrapped in lime-coloured husks with silk, sweet corn contains numerous yellow succulent kernels that have a starchy and doughy consistency. The skin pops out as you bite into it. It can eaten as a snack as well as a part of a meal. It is widely used to make salads, soups, curries, dry vegetables, etc.

When roasting or grilling sweet corn cob, the cook can first peel the husk back to rub the corn with oil or melted butter, then re-secure the husk around the corn with a string.] Corn on the cob can also be microwaved for 3 to 4 minutes still in its husk.

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